Using bots on your WhatsApp channel

We offer the possibility to either integrate your own chatbot using our API or to create rule-based bot flows written in the Userlike Bot Language (UBL). Your bots can also respond to contacts reaching out to you via channels, such as WhatsApp. However, Facebook has set out some specific requirements for using bots with the WhatsApp Business API.
If you use automation to respond to contact messages, Facebook asks you to offer a direct human escalation path within the conversation. Not adhering to this guideline may result in Facebook limiting your ability to send messages via the WhatsApp Business API.
One such escalation path would be a clearly labeled option in your bot dialog flow to forward the chat to a (human) operator. You could also specify a keyword to be sent by the contact, such as “stop”, which immediately aborts the bot flow and forwards the conversation to a human. This path can be easily set up when building bots with the Userlike Bot Language. For more details, refer to our bot API or UBL tutorial.
Other acceptable escalation paths include providing aphone number to call, an email address, a web support form, and prompting in-store visits.