Lime CRM is a market-leading tool that’s tailored to your needs and offers you a smarter way to conduct business. With our integration, you can convert conversations into Lime CRM objects.

Step 1

If you don’t already have a Lime CRM account, you can create one here. A Lime consultant will take you through the process of connecting Userlike and Lime CRM. To get a first overview or to handle the installation yourself, read Lime’s own documentation here.

Step 2

Once you’ve received your Lime CRM URL and API key, go to your Lime CRM add-on settings in Userlike and enter your credentials. Then click Update settings.
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Sending conversations to Lime CRM

In the Message Center, you can now manually send conversations to Lime CRM via the action bar above the conversation
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or via chat command in the input field.
$lime - Create Lime CRM object (“limeobject”) from current conversation
Under All conversations, you can also send multiple conversations to the add-on.
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Payload example

You can find an example payload of a short conversation
by opening this toggle point.