Messenger availability

The Messenger availability shows the status of your Widgets on a timeline so you can determine when exactly your Widget was available for your customers. When you hover over a segment in the timeline, a tooltip with detailed information will show up.

Widget status

What does it measure?
A Widget’s availability status during a given time. The three possible status are online, offline and chat slots full.
Widget availability status
When is it counted?
Available (green): At least one operator is available. Unavailable (light red): No operator is available. Chat slots full (red): At least one operator is online, but all operators are fully occupied and can’t receive live conversations.
Why is it useful?
It shows you how busy your team was and thus how easy it was for contacts to start a live conversation on your Widget during a certain time. Long time spans of full chat slots might call for adding staff to satisfy the demand.
Please note:
If you edit the Widget’s configuration while operators allocated to it are logged in to the Message Center, this can lead to distorted values in the day’s timeline. We recommend making Widget edits while no operators are connected to the Message Center.
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