WhatsApp Template creation

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Using message templates, you can proactively send information to subscribed customers. Before you can send a template, it must be approved by Meta.
To do this, click “Templates” in the left-side menu.
By clicking on "+ Add", you can now create a new template. This can be a simple text template or you can add media and interactive elements to encourage interaction.
  • Image The recommended aspect ratio is 1.91:1 for uploading an image into the WhatsApp template for optimal resolution. Examples would be 955 pixels x 500 pixels or 1910 pixels x 1000 pixels
  • Video
  • Document
Give the template a meaningful name and select the appropriate category and language.
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In the top right corner, you can also see a preview of how the campaign message will look. You can set up call-to-action buttons that link to your website or a telephone number, and add quick replies. These could be direct options like "I'm interested" and "Not at this time".
Quick replies make sense if you forward the customer replies to an operator. You can find the settings for this here. Otherwise, the responses are not saved. You can also store the bot keywords for “start” and “stop” as responses.
If you want to include emojis in the main text, open the emoji picker
Mac: Ctrl + Cmd + Space.
Windows: Windows + .
You can also use variables in the format {{1}}. Afterwards, enter an example value for each variable to preview whether everything is displayed as desired. Later, you assign corresponding values from your subscriber database to the variables when sending.
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Submit the template for review.
This will be done by Meta and may take up to 24 hours. Therefore, when planning your campaigns, allow for a time buffer.