Step by step

To start with Whatsapp Campaigns, a series of preparation steps need to be taken. With this step-by-step guide, we provide an overview and link to the appropriate tutorials:
1. Open the Campaign Module
The Campaign MenuThe Campaign Menu
2. Create a Campaign Channel
Each campaign channel has a chatbot that can collect subscribers, send campaigns, and transfer the conversation to a human operator if needed. You need an assigned WhatsApp channel to create a campaign channel and send your campaigns through it.
Campaign Channel creationCampaign Channel creation
3. Add and Manage Subscribers
Add subscribers through various methods and manage/segment them.
Subscriber managementSubscriber management
4. Create Templates
For all messages and broadcasts you want to proactively send to your subscribers, you need to create a template that needs to be approved by Whatsapp/Meta.
WhatsApp Template creationWhatsApp Template creation
5. Create and Schedule the Actual Campaign
After the template is approved, create and schedule the campaign both in terms of timing and desired recipient groups.
Campaign creationCampaign creation
6. Evaluate the Campaign
After sending the campaign, you can evaluate it based on various criteria.
Campaign evaluationCampaign evaluation