Campaign creation

Click on the "All campaigns" overview and select the "+Add" button.
Create a new campaign in three simple steps:
  1. Choose a suitable campaign channel and WhatsApp template.
  1. Select the subscribers you want to target.
    1. Use the available filter options in the Subscriber Section if necessary.
  1. Set the date and time for the start of your campaign.
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Make sure you have already set up a campaign channel and the message template you want to use has been approved by WhatsApp.
Now you can save the draft or click "Send" directly. The broadcast will then start at the scheduled time. Depending on the number of subscribers, it may take a while for everyone to receive the campaign.


Here you find an overview of all your campaigns, regardless of their status.
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With the three dot menu to the right, you can simply duplicate campaigns or open a summary page for completed campaigns.
Drafts can still be edited and deleted, while completed campaigns can not.